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R Explained for the Spreadsheet Analyst

So you want to learn R. Maybe you are looking to move to an advanced analytical role that requires it. Or you have found some limitations to the type of operations you want to perform in Excel.

Perhaps you have tried books or online courses to learn R and found them unhelpful. It was like they were speaking a different language – and they were. Because this is probably your first time programming.  

The easiest way to learn something new is to make connections with something you already know.

That is why this course specifically frames learning R with the needs and experiences of Excel users in mind.

This course aims to augment your analytics skills with R rather than replace Excel. I will not claim that R is “better” than Excel; this is merely another tool in your toolshed.

Who is this course for? 

  • Professionals who analyze data in Excel and want to augment their skill base
  • Those looking to speed up or automate advanced statistical techniques
  • Analysts looking for a free program for sophisticated data visualizations 

 No prior programming experience is required. As an Excel user, you know more than you think about data, and this knowledge is the basis for learning R.

Topics covered (currently under development):

  • An introduction to R and RStudio
  • Data Types and Structures
  • Reading, Writing and Exploring Data
  • Data Management and Transformation
  • Charting and Visualization

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Please stick around at the end of the course for a short poll surveying you on your experiences with Excel and R so I can build the best course possible. 

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George Mount

Armed with a liberal arts degree and a master’s from a leading business school, I set out into the world to become an amazing analyst. Over the past few years I have worked on projects ranging from Canadian retailing to neurosurgeon compensation. Through this experience, I’ve noticed patterns of what makes a good analyst. Specifically, I’ve seen the best and worst in Microsoft Excel and data analysis. My online training is meant as a resource for recent grads and others who want to advance their career through Microsoft Excel, data analytics, and business economics.I've been featured on Excel TV, the Smart Data Collective, Brazen Careerist, and other blogs about business analytics and career development.

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    • 1. R is free.

    • 2. R is open-source.

    • 3. R calculates like Excel...

    • 4. ...But stores output differently.

    • 5. Do not panic!

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